Minerals and metals

Our knowledge in the area of extraction and processing of solid minerals, rare earth metals, and further enrichment on the Mining and processing plant, refined mineral factories, allows us to be aware of and the possibility of buying and delivery of the product.

This allows us to be near with source metals swiftly and cost-effectively worldwide.

We support our global presence offering our trading services in the major hubs in trade such metals and minerals as:

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Types of minerals and metals

  • Coal
    • Pet-Coke
    • Coking coal
  • Metal ore
    • Iron ore
    • Metallurgical coke (iron ore pellets)
    • Iron ore concentrate
    • Non-fluxed pellets
    • Fluxed pellets
  • Copper
    • Copper cathodes
    • Copper rods
  • Aluminium
    • Aluminium alloys
    • Primary aluminum
  • Zinc
    • Zinc alloys
    • Zinc powder
    • Zinc concentrate
  • Manganese ore
    • Manganese concentrate
    • Manganese concentrate powder
  • Magnesium and magnesium alloys
    • Magnesium ingots
    • Magnesium primary high purity
    • Magnesium powder
  • Tungsten
    • Tungsten and molybdenum products (bars, wire)
    • Tungsten powders
    • Tungsten ingots for metallurgical purposes
    • Tungsten metal high frequency
  • Molybdenum
    • Molybdenum powder
    • Molybdenum ingots
  • Ore Sands
    • Ilmenite concentrate
    • Zircon concentrate
  • Concentrates and Ores
  • Non-metallic ore
  • Non-metallic Sands
    • Quartz (silica) Sand for Glass Production
    • Quartz sand enriched fractionated
    • Graded Silica Sand